Cantinando in Chianti

Discover the best of the wineries and cellars in Chianti


Chianti: heart of Tuscany

Chianti, the area of rolling hills stretching between Florence and Siena. Its splendid landscape is dotted with dense vineyards, chestnut forests, oaks and maples, attractive medieval villages, romantic castles and charming colonial farmhouses. It is also the birthplace of one of the world’s best red wines: Chianti.

Chianti is the ideal getaway for those wanting to experience medieval villages and romantic vineyards tucked away amongst rolling hills. From village to village, one discovers country castles and farms featuring numerous wineries and enoteca (wine shops and bars) for enjoying the fine local wine.

As you stand upon a hill, the view of the silver of the olive trees, the green geometry of the vineyards, the roads lined with tall green cypresses and the borders of the woods lined with yellow broom combine in a palette of colors that seem to create a unique painting.
This is enough to tempt anyone to visit this land, maybe as the ideal place to start discovering Tuscany, since it is the heart of Tuscany and then move towards other destinations with a better understanding of what to expect.

Discover the best of Chianti

3 km
Antico Borgo di Sugame
Via Convertoie, 15 Greve in Chianti
7 km
Poggio al Sole
Strada Rignana, 2 - Badia a Passignano Tavarnelle Val di Pesa
4 km
Villa Vignamaggio
Via Petriolo, 5 Greve in Chianti
17 km
Villa Spoiano
Via di Spoiano, 2 Tavarnelle Val di Pesa